Recent work

Three Months (Bach, an Autodidact, and a Tree) (2021), video documenting performative action A to Z: The Ds (Blind Drawings) (2018-22), series of drawings I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art, Vladimir Vladimirovich (2020), video for public space Berlin Supermarkets (2022), series of drawings Emperor’s New Clothes (2019), installation Referendum Night (2019), video Untitled (Dagger) (2019), text work What We’ll be Doing is Talking about the Various Things that We’re Doing (2020), sound installation I Think About It Quite a Lot (2018), video Gemäldegalerie Hands (2018), series of drawings Again Great America (2018), installation I Did It for the Reasons I Said I Did It (2017), video Arms Reaching, Smiling Sweetly (2016), installation A to Z: All the Cs (Through the Lens of My Camera (2014-18), series of photographs Have You Seen Her Heels (Pobol y Cwm) (2017), video You’ve Done It Again Haven’t You (2016), video The Dragon’s Tongue (2017), series of drawings The Mountains of Wales are the Mountains of Wales (2016), series of drawings and texts An Artist in Search of an Epiphany (2016), video Road Signs (Proposal for a Hypothetical Intervention) (2016-17), series of drawings I Think That’s Best for Both of Us (Lance and Oprah) (2016), video Hill Walking (2016), video I’ve Always Wanted to Drive Across America (2016), video game and sountrack Babies Eating Lemons (2014), series of drawings Artists Masterclass: How to Sharpen a Pencil (2014), video A Curiously Unremarkable Journey (2013), performance A to Z: Babble to Byte (from Memory) (2013‑14), series of drawings The Museum of Uninteresting Experience (2013), installation The Collected Gertrude Stein Tender Buttons Jokes (2013), video Tree Drawings (2013/15), series of drawings Untitled (2013), wood photo-transfers