Things to do with Biscuits  2006

Performance for video in which a unique action is performed with each of the 225 Rich Tea biscuits that made up an earlier wall-based installation, developed during a residency at Fold Gallery, Cumbria, UK.

The work was conceived in response to an invitation to show an existing found-object based installation Biscuits as part of a group exhibiton Teetotum at Fold Gallery. The original work (a 15 by 15 grid of Rich Tea biscuits nailed to the wall) was recast as a performance for video in which I walked around the village of Kirkby Stephen in Cumbria and the surrounding countryside performing actions with the biscuits.

The performance is documented through a 10-minute video, together with a list of the 225 actions.

The work has been shown at solo exhibition Dave Ball: How to Live, Galerie Art Claims Impulse, Berlin in 2008; Extraordinary Days, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, Wales in 2009; Josh, The Griffin, Shoreditch, London in 2009; and Teetotum, Fold Gallery, Cumbria, UK in 2006.