Tuition is offered:

- one-to-one (just you),
- in twos (you and an English-learning partner or friend),
- or as a small group (you and other English-learning friends or colleagues).

Tuition is offered at any level from beginner to advanced, and to students of any age.

Tuition takes place wherever you choose - at my home in Tempelhof, at your home, at your workplace or university, at a café, or at any other suitable location. Lessons are also offered online (via Zoom or any other video-conferencing platform).

Tuition is conducted entirely in English - providing the maximum possible practice for your speaking and listening skills.

You decide the focus of the lessons. For example, lessons could cover: practice at speaking/conversation, grammar practice, reading and writing practice, presentation practice, work-related English practice (business English), extra preparation for school or university exams, help with homework for school or university, or preparation for IELTS or TOEFL.

Just send me an email, and we can start to come up with a study-plan suited to your needs.